Cloud - Identity & Access Management

What does IAM stand for?

An Identity & Access Management System (IAM for short) provides the functionality to conveniently manage user accounts as well as access permissions of your corporate network.

Over time, companies are introducing more and more software. This is to simplify certain processes, make them more efficient and cost-effective. Each software brings its own user management, a different password applies everywhere. If a new employee joins the company, user accounts in various applications must first be created at great expense. If an employee leaves the company, these accounts have to be completely cleaned up again. This process is very time-consuming and risky.

For example, what happens if you overlook an account?

Everything in one place

This can also be done more conveniently! This is where Identity & Access Management comes in. User information such as name, contact data and password are only recorded once. Your applications only access this source. This includes services such as e-mail (e.g. Microsoft Exchange), enterprise resource planning systems, cloud storage and many more.

Your employees only need to remember one access that works universally across all applications for which it has been enabled. This way, you can also be sure that employees will no longer have access after leaving the company.

Single sign-on and directory service

Single Sign-On (SSO) also eliminates the need for tedious password entry. As soon as your employee has logged in at the workstation, his or her access data is automatically transferred to the application - convenient and simple.

Directory Services: The captured data can be extended by external contacts. For example, you can integrate the data from your merchandise management or CRM system into this database. This information is also centrally available to your applications. For example, you can access customer data from your telephony infrastructure. When your customer calls, the name, address and customer number are then displayed.


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