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Computer networks quickly accumulate a large number of devices. If you have then also divided these devices over several networks (e.g. for security reasons), it quickly becomes confusing.

What IP does the printer in the shipping office have? Which MAC address does the computer in the warehouse have? These and other questions can be answered quickly if you use a reliable management system.

We go one step further: instead of just documentation, you configure your devices directly from our management portal.

Centrally and across manufacturers.


We combine the management of VLAN, VPN, DHCP, (Dyn-)DNS, RADIUS and many other protocols and tools in one common portal. This way you can control and monitor all aspects of your IT environment.

We support the configuration of network switches, routers, WLAN access points and many other components. Our solution is intentionally vendor-neutral and works with a wide range of manufacturers and models (e.g. Juniper, Cisco, HP, etc.).

Ready to go for multi-site & cloud

Network management unfolds its full potential when you need to manage and network multiple sites and / or cloud environments. Especially for home office installations, the setup means a disproportionate amount of effort.

With our solution, you conveniently adjust all sites and networks to your needs via the web browser. In addition, our management platform ensures that only authorized administrators can access network devices.

The management platform is fully integrated with our identity and access management (IAM for short), which makes administration much easier.


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