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Caution is better than indulgence

According to the proverb "forewarned is forearmed", small and medium-sized enterprises in particular should not lose sight of network security. A small mistake is often enough to paralyze the entire company if no suitable or too few security measures have been taken.

Many companies are not even aware of this danger because it has "always worked" so far. However, criminals' tactics and tools are getting better and better, so old methods of securing usually miss their mark. Only those who continuously react to new methods can reduce the risk of data theft and operational failures.

Ransomware / Extortion Trojans

Ransomware is probably the most dangerous category of malware. It finds its way through various gateways, but first and foremost via e-mail, usually addressed to HR departments as well as purchasing and sales.

In most cases, it disguises itself as an Office document, which often tempts the user to open the file. Without appropriate countermeasures, a short time later you will realize that all data and servers are encrypted. Access to the data is then no longer possible. Instead, you will receive a message with instructions to pay a ransom for decryption.

Insecure remote access

It is not always the fault of a computer user. Often, companies open services such as the remote desktop protocol to the Internet, even though it is completely unsuitable for this purpose. However, it is precisely such gaps that ransomware groups target.

To detect and prevent attacks on your system as early as possible, you need reliable software. Dolphin IT offers a field-tested IT security ecosystem to detect and close vulnerabilities.

Sophos Intercept X

We recommend using Sophos Intercept X for your IT environment. Sophos is one of the largest providers of protection solutions for professionals and businesses.

As one of the market leaders, Sophos offers a large set of features to secure your network. Through deep-learning technology, the system learns on its own, protecting you from malware that was previously completely unknown.

Only one installation is required on your end devices, all functions are bundled in one software. This makes setting up new workstations and monitoring a breeze.

Intrusion Prevention System

Unfortunately, there are also network devices that do not support security software, these include, for example, printers and copiers but also telephone systems and industrial machines. These devices also need to be monitored, because manufacturers often only provide updates for them for a short time.

So-called intrusion prevention or intrusion detection systems (IPS & IDS for short) are ideal for this purpose. They monitor the complete network traffic and raise an alarm or trigger a blockade if something suspicious has been detected.

Dolphin IT uses this technology itself, in its own data center. It enables early detection of intrusion attempts and allows you to react before it is too late.

Everything from one source!

We optimize IT security together with you and determine your individual protection needs. You will receive from us a coordinated overall concept for the protection of your computer network.

Dolphin IT can draw on decades of experience, across many industries. Benefit from our know-how and make your IT fit for the future!


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