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No backup - no pity

This is usually the answer when data has been lost unintentionally. There can be many reasons for this: Deleting too much while cleaning up, accidentally catching the wrong folder or opening the wrong attachment and thus spreading ransomware across the network.

When something goes wrong, you need a fast and reliable solution to get you back up and running quickly. Our online backup allows you to do just that: back up your data in our data center to protect it from loss.

Liability for data loss

In principle, the management is liable for all data loss, especially if it is an AG or GmbH. However, only a few companies are aware of this.

It does not matter whether the data loss is caused by the management itself, an employee or a service provider. So in the end, there is no way around a data backup.

Yet it is so simple!

Avoid unnecessary risks: Our online backup protects you from data loss, even in the event of physical damage such as hardware failure or fire. So you are on the safe side, should something go wrong.

Your data will be backed up at the desired interval and transferred to our data center via an encrypted connection. In addition, you have the option to encrypt the backup itself, so that only you are able to read the backup.

Another advantage: Since our online backup relies on its own transmission protocol, it is not possible for malware / ransomware to delete existing backups.

Simple disaster recovery

Disaster recovery describes the measures to restore your complete IT environment in the event of a disaster. With our online backup, you can easily restore all your systems, even if they are different hardware.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly restore a working environment and limit the damage to a minimum. Even in the event of fire or flood, you can rely on our online backup. If necessary, the backups can even be restored immediately in our data center, without any hardware of your own.

Our Online Backup Services

You can always add additional licenses or storage space.

Hosted Online Backup Server
29.99 Euro (monthly)
    Online Backup Service for one server. Includes 200 Gigabyte of backup storage (pooling).
Hosted Online Backup Workstation
19.99 Euro (monthly)
    Online Backup Service for one workstation. Includes 200 Gigabyte of backup storage (pooling).
Hosted Online Backup 300 Gigabyte Storage
29.99 Euro (monthly)
    Additional 300 Gigabyte of backup storage (pooling).

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