Cloud - VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

What does VDI mean?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop virtualization technology in which a desktop operating system, usually Microsoft Windows, is run and managed in a data center. The virtual workstation is transmitted over the network to an end device that allows the user to access applications as if they were running locally.

The end device can be a traditional PC, a thin client, or a mobile device.

What are the advantages?

By centralizing all your applications in our data center, you benefit from high availability and easy manageability.

Users have a consistent user experience, which significantly reduces the number of support requests. Short-term system adjustments, take effect immediately and not when the devices are turned back on at prime time.

Since you can also use thin clients with VDI, defective devices can be replaced quickly, easily and inexpensively. Until this time, can be continued at any workstation, without restrictions.

Layman-friendly home office solution

Access to your VDI environment can be done in multiple ways. With Dolphin VIEW, you can easily and securely access your data and applications directly via your web browser. The connection is encrypted according to the highest security standards, so that you have safe access even from abroad.

You can connect any end devices via our remote desktop gateway, ideal if you want to reuse existing hardware.


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