Cloud - Virtual Server

When high availability is important ...

... you need a reliable solution. Our virtual servers run in large clusters. Even if several machines should fail at the same time, the operation of your servers is still ensured.

Our server associations (clusters) immediately compensate for failures, so that they can be replaced and maintained without interference.

More service, less work.

You do not have to worry about the maintenance and operation of the hardware, we take care of that for you. In addition, you can adapt the resources of your servers to the increased demands at any time, without extensive investments.

Due to the redundant connection of our data center to a variety of network operators, the global availability of your services is ensured in the best possible way.

Bandwidth and unlimited traffic

Each of our servers has at least a 1,000 MBit/s connection to the public Internet. Traffic is unlimited and free of charge, if needed we can even increase the bandwidth further.

You benefit from reliable DDoS protection and numerous security applications in our data center.


Kevin Olbrich

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