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Fast Internet at last!

We are constantly driving forward the expansion of our network, which is why we can offer the best quality at high speeds in more and more regions. Do the check now for your address by having us check DSL, fiber, and LTE availability. You can then choose from the three best available offers for your location.

Our products are optimized for professional use and meet the high reliability and security expectations of modern businesses.

Check which internet and telephony offers are available for you!

Use our availability check to find out which internet speeds are available in your area. Based on this data, we can offer you the right plan.

What distinguishes Dolphin IT from other Internet providers?

Dolphin IT is, in contrast to the well-known large corporations in the telecommunications industry, a small medium-sized company with a regional focus. We specialize in customer-specific features and can deliver optimal solutions that you miss with the big providers.
Our Dolphin Connect products close this gap.

Our team is highly dedicated and puts your needs first, a trait that is very rare in the market.

Instead of call centers, we rely on personal contacts as well as quality instead of quantity.


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