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How is that set up again?

Administrators and users regularly ask themselves this question. However, standards are indispensable for reliable work, and documentation and automation of program configurations help to reduce problems.

In this way, you ensure that every employee has the programs they need. In addition, this way every workstation behaves identically, which significantly simplifies maintenance and support.

Lots of tested templates!

Dolphin IT goes one step further and combines configuration management with ready-made templates right away, so that professional management is possible even in small environments.

So you can start immediately with suitable settings and gradually adapt them to your individual needs.

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution?

As a service provider, we manage many different software products, across many customers. Besides some individual ones, the majority consists of widely used products. These include, for example, Office applications, which are installed on almost every workstation.

We have therefore made it our business to automate as much as possible.

Which products are supported by configuration management?

Even though we would have liked to provide you with a clear presentation,
the scope of supported products is simply enormous.

We are sorry!

If you've made it this far, you've got the worst part behind you!
All joking aside: we take a lot of time for configuration management and the associated planning and documentation.

As a customer you have full access to all templates, we only charge for the maintenance of the systems. So you can already access modern solutions without large investments.

Your success, is our success. We have been applying this motto since the company was founded.


Jan Civitelli

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