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What does IT automation mean?

IT automation automates manual processes that previously required human intervention.

Software is used to simplify repeatable instructions and processes that allow employees to save time and focus on more strategic tasks.

Digitalization - Industry 4.0

We have long since arrived in a digitized world. Digitization no longer affects only traditional IT companies, but companies across all industries and sectors.

When components communicate independently with the production plant and, if necessary, arrange for repairs or reorder materials themselves - when people, machines and industrial processes are intelligently networked, we are talking about Industry 4.0. After the steam engine, the assembly line and the computer, we are now facing the fourth industrial revolution with intelligent factories.

We automate your processes!

We already offer many ready-made services to simplify your processes. From A as in administration to Z as in customs declaration, through a variety of interfaces we reduce unnecessary manual interactions.

With these building blocks, we optimize your processes for you piece by piece, so that you have more time for the essential tasks.

Our cloud services enable you to network machines across different production sites or even continents.


Jan Civitelli

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