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Your company is unique!

Again and again it happens that standard software restricts you in your processes. We support you in the development of software applications optimized for you, so that you can design your processes the way you want.

In this way, you stand out from the competition and increase quality and productivity, because IT should ultimately support and not make work itself.

Automatic processing of data

The entire working world consists of data. Those who evaluate and process it sensibly save costs and gain insights into the profitability of the company.
Do you process invoices fully automatically? Does your software support you in dunning and accounting? Are receipts automatically archived digitally to save paper?

With these solutions, passive work with which your company does not earn money in the first place can be reduced to a minimum.

Interfaces - hand in hand

Production planning and control (PPC) is one of the essential and content demanding tasks of an industrial company. In most cases, an enterprise resource planning system (ERP for short) is used for planning.

Service providers also have to plan, execute and invoice service calls. Often, however, different software solutions are used for the individual processes, which communicate little or not at all with each other.

We help you change that and build bridges between your solutions so that time-consuming follow-up is reduced to a minimum.


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