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Unexpected often comes...

Things always go wrong just when you don't need them to. That's Murphy's law, so what to do?

Unlike many other things in life, IT problems are often predictable. Many potential problems can be identified in advance, because they usually announce themselves slowly but surely.

For example, a hard disk that fills slowly only becomes a problem when it is full. Who reacts here early enough, prevents a failure.

Not always so easy...

Not all problems are so easily identifiable. Performance issues and dependencies between different applications make manual monitoring much more difficult. In most cases, this leads to neglecting monitoring and instead intervening only when there is a problem.

With the ever-increasing complexity and dependency of IT systems, you need proactive solutions that monitor even complex interrelationships. As a managed services provider, we place a high priority on the stability of our systems, good monitoring is essential for this!

Suddenly nothing works anymore...

Of course, even a system monitoring can not prevent all problems. However, it often helps to quickly determine where the problem actually lies.

With complex and large IT environments it is not always immediately recognizable where the problem lies. Here only a system monitoring helps, that knows connections and reports to you only the actual problem: If your router fails, exactly this information is helpful for you - the failure of individual applications, which are located behind the router, only lead you in the wrong direction.

The goal of good monitoring is to prevent errors at an early stage, and if something does go wrong, to find a solution quickly.


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