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Work better in a team!

With Dolphin Team you enable your employees to communicate quickly even if they are not in the same room. Of course, your teams could also communicate via email, but comfortable is another way.

Chat-based solutions speed up the exchange of information. There are no limits to collaboration, because Dolphin Team is based on the Matrix protocol and thus enables exchange with other companies, even those that do not use Dolphin Team.

Screen sharing and file sharing

Perhaps you need advice on a particular document or simply want to exchange ideas with colleagues about a file? No problem!

In just a few clicks, you can share your screen content with a conversation partner. Without leaving the application, you can then easily drag and drop files to send to your colleagues.

These products contain Dolphin Team

You can always upgrade to receive more features.

UC-Plan 3
12.60 Euro (monthly)
    Contains Hosted Exchange with 25GB as well as Dolphin Team / Meet. Contains 10GB Dolphin Fileshare.

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