Unified Communications - E-Fax

Why e-fax?

Enjoy convenient faxing, anywhere. E-Fax is a cloud fax solution that lets you send, receive and view faxes online via email, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet without the need for a fax machine.

Whether you're a home office user or a large enterprise, we have fax solutions to meet your needs.

Do I still need a fax?

Faxes are still used by many businesses and organizations around the world to transmit important information.

The fax still offers a handful of other important advantages. Most notable is its ability to preserve the authenticity of legal documents. Because of their traceability, fax documents are considered more viable in legal processes than files sent via email, especially when it comes to signatures and contracts.

Save costs!

It also costs money to maintain a fax machine, even though you probably rarely use it. So an e-fax is less about a new fax evolution and more about cost savings. It allows you to remain flexible with your business partners, but doesn't generate additional costs.

The fax-to-mail or mail-to-fax connection completely eliminates the need for fax machines. This service is included free of charge in all Dolphin VoIP tariffs.


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