Unified Communications - Hosted Exchange

Communication, everywhere, worldwide.

With Dolphin Hosted Exchange your emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes are synchronized reliably and quickly. This allows you to quickly respond to inquiries from your customers, whether in the office or on the road.

Fully integrated with all mobile devices, you can securely access your emails from anywhere in the world.

You can easily add and configure new mailboxes or even distribution groups via our customer center.

Safe is safe.

High security standards are important to us. All your data is protected according to German and European data protection law and you can be sure that only you have access to your data. High availability and smooth maintenance are important to us so that you can perform your tasks without worries.

Our solution in comparison

FeatureDolphin Hosted ExchangeMicrosoft Exchange OnlineGoogle Workspace
Unified User Management
Users, Groups, Computers, etc.
All in one

Only users for online resources

Only users for online resources
Hosting Location
Wuppertal, Germany

Europe / USA (United States)

USA (United States)
Data Processing Contract

individually possible

only pre-signed without purpose

not available
Active Sync
original Exchange protocol

original Exchange protocol

Exchange emulation
CloudPBX integration
Out of the box

Limited, only with SBC

not available
IoT integration
Out of the box

not available

not available

These products contain Hosted Exchange

You can always upgrade to receive more features.

UC-Plan 3
13.60 Euro (monthly)
    Contains UC-Plan 2 as well as Dolphin Team / Meet. Contains 10GB Dolphin Fileshare.
UC-Plan 2 (Groupware only)
9.60 Euro (monthly)
    Contains UC-Plan 1 but with 25GB instead of 10GB. Contains 5GB Dolphin Fileshare.
UC-Plan 1 (Groupware only)
7.60 Euro (monthly)
    E-Mail Mailbox with 10GB, Tasks, Calendars, Contacts and Notes. Also contains 2GB Dolphin Fileshare.

Jan Civitelli

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