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Your name on the Internet

A domain is the permanent address of your website on the Internet. It is what people type into their web browsers to find your website.

For a successful internet presence you need your own domain, as short as possible and suitable for your purpose.

Over 1,400 domain extensions

Dolphin IT offers over 1,400 different domain extensions so you can protect the name of your business or brand.

Protecting your name rights on the Internet is important to prevent abuse and fraud. We support you in choosing the appropriate domain extensions and manage the domain portfolio for you.

Reliable DNS services

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the telephone book of the Internet. Among other things, it converts names such as dolphin-it.de into IP addresses so that the desired information can be retrieved.

But DNS can do much more, it also makes your network devices find services on your network on their own. For example, you can get an IP phone up and running without any technical background knowledge because it will find the phone system on its own and register with it.

Dolphin IT enables modern DNS solutions, reliable and highly available (anycast).

Large portfolio? Agency?

Whether you own few or many domains, we manage all portfolios. Benefit from our professional solutions starting with the first domain.

Agencies and hosting companies benefit from our favorable conditions and our expertise as well as interfaces with which you can quickly and easily offer domains yourself, under your name.


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